John Gamboa’s Bio

John Gamboa’s IT career started when he upgraded his dad’s IBM XT with an 8088 processor from a monochrome monitor to a 16 color monitor with a video card and monitor his mom bought for him because he wanted to play a game that would not run until the computer was color capable. He was about 13 years old when he did that. He built his first PC in college – a 386 with 2MB or ram and a 512Kb video card which he later upgraded with a math co-processor. That thing was smoking fast! It needed to be to run Doom II.

After reading an article about how Microsoft Windows NT was going to take over Novell’s Groupwise he decided to take a Windows NT 4 MCSE class at a local technical college in 1997 while working at a call center as a customer services and sales agent. John landed his first job as a network administrator for a home warranty company in Napa county and has since been working as an IT Systems Engineer or Network Administrator. John Gamboa now works for a consulting firm in San Francisco as Systems Engineer consultant.

John as also taken interest in web application and software programming. He is currently studying Ruby for back-end programming in and online course. The course he is taking will eventually allow him to code in Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS and allow him to augment his expertise.


John Gamboa is a San Francisco Bay Area resident. He’s a happily married father of five who’s been with his wife for over 20 years. John Gamboa works as an IT Systems Engineer for a San Francisco Bay Area IT consulting firm.

His interests include spending quality time with his wife and kids, reading, golf, and basketball.

John’s other passion is buying houses. He mainly buys houses in and around the Napa Valley including cities in Solano County – Vallejo, Fairfield, Benicia, Suisun, Cordelia, American Canyon, and Vacaville. If you need to sell your house or know someone that does he buys houses. He focuses on helping people with houses that have little or no equity. Sometimes he buys from people with negative equity.

His favorite TV shows are Scorpion, Psych, Person Of Interest, Arrested Development, Criminal Minds

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